The Gin Tour.


Over the next few months I have some pretty exciting things happening. A cheeky overnight stay, an afternoon’s stint in my favourite gastro pub and a few other things I’m sure I will take you along too. If you have visited Em Rambles before then you will know I’m a girl who loves a gin. From Gordon’s to Monkey 47, I am pretty sure I will enjoy them all.

With new adventures on the horizon I have decided to burst my bubble when it comes to gin. Those pretty bottles which scatter the isles of Sainsbury’s, that fancy rose gold bottle that catches your eye in a swanky restaurant or just a gin with an unpronounceable name, over this series I intend on reviewing( the ones I can remember at least).

Of course, a lot of this series in done in jest, you should always drink responsibly and LEGALLY. If you are under 18(in the UK), RELAX, your gin love affair will come when you are ready. And if you are over the legal age and want to enjoy a gin based tipple this series, just may be your baby.

If anything does, worry you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Where was I?

As the picture shows, I visited my local Gastro Pub. The Cadeby Inn, Doncaster. The Cadeby Inn, is home to Gin Lane, so I knew it would be an amazing place to start. Unfortunately we just went for drinks so I can’t review this lovely place but what I will say is if you are in the Doncaster area this place is worth a visit! It really is beautiful inside and out.IMG_4685

Mason’s Yorkshire Gin.

‘Soft juniper, lime and orange rind flavours lead to a peppery finish with a subtle fennel fragrance on the nose, whilst on the palate there’s a ripe & sweet aniseed start, with bold citrus flavours, plenty of cardamom & green apple blending into a warm, mouth-watering finish.’- Masons Yorkshire Gin

Masons Yorkshire Gin was the first gin that I really fell in love with. From the proud Yorkshire rose on the bottom of the bottom, to the completely amazing sweet taste of the dry gin- I love every inch of the stuff. Over Christmas I treated myself to their limited addition Apple flavoured gin and my love became an obsession.

Being slightly* local to myself it’s amazing to see so many local gastropubs and bars stock both the original and lavender gin. Both of these gins are and am sure will continue to be my favourite paired with Fever Tree Tonic (literally the best tonic, ever).

Masons also has an intriguing Tea Edition Gin, which I have still yet to taste. But you can bet, that at some point this summer I will be having a few.

*still 100 miles away.


‘Hendricks’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusions: rose petal and cucumber.’ Hendricks

Hendricks has always been a gin on my ‘to taste’ list. Of course it is sold across a variety of supermarkets, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s never the same at home is it? The big goblet style glasses, crushed ice cubes and the ever so over the top cumber really does require a sunny pub garden.

The smooth consistency of this gin is perfect for all. A measure (double of course) with a fave tonic, you are good to go. Rose and cucumber flavourings add to the expensive feel to this gin. Focusing on elements which personally I would never put together Hendricks is a cut above any other gin you will get in your local Sainsbury’s.

Definitely a quality easily accessible gin.

Gin Mare.

Please, mind the chair.

‘Gin Mare is created using Mediterranean crafts and time, in order to obtain an exceptional gin: from a premium barley base, through delicate maceration and distillation which is independent for each botanical (some, like the citrus carry a harmonization process more than one year) to the authentic blending which expresses all the characteristics of each botanical in the final product.


If I never try another top shelf gin again, I’ll be happy. The smooth flavouring (do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?) of citrus really does make this gin unique. In such a demanding and varied market many gins basically taste the same. Except Gin Mare.

Being Garnished with Olives and Rosemary, this in is pretty out of this world. In fact if I am complete honest with you it’s what start this ill series.

What I will say is this gin is pretty hard to get, you won’t find yourself finding it in the middle of Sainsbury’s selection that’s for sure. Yet, if you are a fan of a gin and see Gin Mare sitting on the top shelf I urge you to at least try it once.

It’s that damn, good.

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of this series, please let me know if you have any recommendations in the comment below.

Always Love,

Gin Lover x


Exactly where am in life.

Where do I even begin?

I have wanted to write something similar to this for a little while. I have often mentioned that I intend on changing my life. Or at least changing my own perception of my life. Being confident within myself is something I have never known. Situations from my past, negative relationships (not all romantic) and just not believing I could create a different life for myself, have held me back for too long.

Life doesn’t change overnight. To do lists won’t allow you to be more organised, laughing won’t make your entire life less shit but changing your own mind set will. And the first thing you can do to change your life for the better is accept that life isn’t perfect, but love the perfect moments in it.

Mainly the first sip of coffee in a morning.

Taken from a family event at Clifton park, LOOK AT THAT MARBELING!


My life plan is a gonner.

When I was a teen I had an idea of what my life would be like. I would go to uni, meet the love of my life, graduate and become a fashion designer at a high end fashion house. Well, it’s safe to say that it didn’t happen.

At the age of 25 I have only just found what I hope is my calling in life and with every baby step my confidence grows with it. Only time will tell but what I do know life can’t be planned, we just have to roll with the punches.


Sorry, this isn’t a throwback to Blazin’ Squad.

I think I have previously spoken about how my life is currently a crossroads. I personally feel as if it would be so easy for me to revert back to the struggles I have previously. To the people I have trusted and been let down time and time again, if I am 100% truthful I don’t know what’s stopping me. Something is though.

Friendships & Relationships.

Recently I have really found the women that have shaped me. The women that empower me every day, I am honestly that I am able to call them friends. From boss ass blogging mummies to childhood friends, they all mean the world to me. Each of these friendships are unique, yet the things that we all want are all held at their core. Loyalty, trust and sarcasm are all I could ever want in a friendship.

In the past few months, I have backed away from group chats, purely because I’m just not the girl who can keep up with them. The women I have met along the way are absolutely amazing, but the reason I left was never about them. I was overwhelmed- I hope they understand (if they ever read this).

Romantic relationships is something I speak openly about on this blog. The good the bad and the downright shitty has been displayed for the world to see. As of right now I don’t want to be in a relationship. I have so many things to do which I believe I need to do for myself, no one else. Moments that will stick in my head for the rest of my life, knowing I did something on my own, for myself with only the girls and gin cheering me on.

Of course, if the man of my dreams does appear, I may change my mind but as of right now I am very happy building my confidence and find out who the fuck I am.

Knowing who you are is a bloody tricky one. I don’t think it’s ever anything we truly understand and the best thing about life is that we don’t need to. As long as we are happy and healthy, that is all that matters.

Always love,

Em x

7 Rules I Am Trying To Live By.

2018 may have only started 3 months and 12 days ago (when this post was written) but I truly believe I may have learned a few things which has totally changed my way of thinking. Of course, the girls still get a whiny text or at least a few drunken ones but things in my life really have taken a turn. After sending me into a panic, I couldn’t wait to sit down and get the rules I am now living by down on paper.

Some of the below is obvious but, just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean we do it…

IMG_4632Buy the bag.

Or shoes, or coat or whatever you have your eye on. We are all too often finding ourselves ‘saving’ for something and usually end up with nothing to show for it. In the long run are those £60 shoes going to make a difference to your house deposit?

It may not make a difference to the big things but it will put a little spring in your step every time you look, pick up even sniff (if that’s ya thing). That little giddy feeling inside your stomach is worth it. Now, I am by no means saying spend money like it’s going out of fashion, but a treat here and there will most certainly not rock the boat in the long run.

Pamper sessions are life savers.

Pamper sessions? Really…

Pamper sessions are not only to splurge a bit of nail varnish on your nails in the perfect one, two three method, or to learn how to perfectly shave your legs. Creating an hour or two a week to stop, put your phone down and relax has been proven time and time again to benefit, EVERYONE.

Of course pampering is a personal thing, I always feel better with a fresh set of gels, my friend feels swanky with a fresh new do and Barbra down the road, well let’s just say she loves the fake tan. No matter your definition of pamper is, embrace it, love it and wear it with pride. The time you set aside for you is so will only make you a much happier, content person.

Go outside and speak to people.

The actual motion of walking to your local coffee shop and treating yourself to a latte and saying hello to the cashier may sound mundane to say the least. Yet, walking in the fresh air gets you out of the house creates endorphins which intern makes you happier. Speaking to new people in a very casual manner often has the same effect and the latte well that’s just a lovely caffeinated bonus.

Do one thing a month you think you can’t?

Not talking about flying a plan or open heart surgery but I am talking about those little things that others take for granted but seem totally out of your league. Driving on the motorway, going to the cinema alone or just telling someone to go away and leave you alone. These are all things that will help you in the long run.

Remember baby steps turn into lunges.

Sometimes we all feel like we aren’t doing enough and sometimes we need to reminded that as long as we are moving we are growing as people. Even if we have hit rock bottom and bounced along the floor a million and one times we learn the lessons that shape who we are.

Taking little personal steps soon become something more than we ever expected. Baby steps are just as important as those leaps of faith.


There isn’t anything wrong with you.

I must mutter the above sentence to myself at least 7 times a day. Often it all seems so easy to believe that everything is going wrong because you are wrong. At times we will all make the wrong decision but those mistakes mean we learn the right choices.

Berating yourself because you stepped on your friends puppy three years ago, doesn’t make you a bad person but it will hold you back from ever believing in yourself. Creating a life you want with even a small amount of self-belief is much easier than without it.

‘Creating a life you want with even a small amount of self-belief is much easier than without it.’

If it’s going to happen, it will.

You can work, 130+ hours a week, take all the classes you want and waste a ridiculous amount of hour’s texting a loser and nothing. Sometimes life leads you down paths that you are simply not meant to take, meaning nothing ever gets off the ground. And that’s perfectly okay.

Sometimes, you have to trust that if something is meant to happen it will- no matter how hard it is at the time something better will come along.

Giving Myself a Fresh Set of Goals, Finding Balance & Sticking Up for Myself.

E9E9A89C-12E4-4C15-83B9-5353A6326805.jpegI’ve been meaning to write a post such as this for a little while, but nothing really spoke to me when I actually started to write.  In 2018 I have realized that I don’t need to be what everyone expects nor do I need to listen to my inhibitions. Blogging has been amazing for my confidence, openly speaking to like-minded people who have dealt with similar issues has made me feel like I can cope.

I suppose in a round about way this is some sort of life update without the title. Over the next few weeks I really want to put the wheels in motion and finally allow myself to become what I have always wanted to be (cliché- vom in mouth moment).

Fresh set.

Recently my motivations for all things- well, life has been questionable to say the least. Often it seems all too easy to stay in the comfort of my bedroom rather than push myself to do something I am dreaming off. For years I have been somewhat dependent on others. From my best friend continuously forcing me to find some sort of self-belief to the bank of mum and dad when things get a little dry. I have relied on others and possibly still do to a certain extent but things are changing.

Now don’t get me wrong, my self-belief is somewhat questionable and I still don’t manage my money as effectively as I should- but I am getting better. Over the past few months I have really thought about what I wanted to be, simply put 2018 is the year I find my independence.

To lay all my cards out on the table (hello dirty laundry), in the past I thought I needed people, and I don’t(nor does anyone else). I want people to be in my life because they want to be not because I need them to be. Unless there is a frog lounging on my bed in the early hours*, I want to be independent.

And so far, so good.  Other than a few whiny text’s and a cry for help with a christening outfit, I can say that I have been standing on my own two feet rather than leaning on someone else.

*for those of you that are new here I am pathologically afraid of frogs.*

Balancing it out.

I am shit at the work/blog/social life balance. In fact I can’t remember when I have gone a week without double booking something or mixing the dates up which shouldn’t be forgotten (looking at you MOT). However, in recent weeks I have let the rains slack a little and allowed myself to just go with the fuck ups flow and have some sort of life outside of work.

This has had such a profound effect on my life, I am happier, I am more organized and I am sleeping so much better than I have been in months. No, I don’t have the best life but I am finally finding a way that I can manage my week and not have to say no to much.

Having my own back.

I didn’t really know whether or not to put this point in, but hey ho, here it is. Recently I have been put in a position which I had no control over but it most definitely effected my life. After one too many bad days at work and a few cups of coffee, I decided to stand up for myself.

Now, I am not saying I will ever do this again but those complaints were listened too and the errors have been rectified. I definitely don’t want to go into too much detail but I am so happy to finally say, I stuck up for myself. Hi five to me!

As much as I understand this post is somewhat tiresome, I really wanted to write this to let you know what goes on in my day to day. Iits all to easy to feel like your failing, when you really are creating a future you can believe in.

Cutting myself some slack has been monumental in my life. Call it a mid life crisis, from one happy 25 year old.

Always Love.

Em xx


5 Ways to Make Your Working Week More Bearable.

If you are anything like myself you will have been struck down with an almighty case of Bank Holiday Blues. And huns, that’s no fun. Sleeping a little later than your alarm, staying up past your adulting bedtime or even just embracing the Easter tradition of Chocolate for Breakfast. If we are all honest, bank holidays are those dreamy things in which we loosen the rails and deal with the consequences later.


Getting back into the swing of the working week after a bank holiday? Well, it isn’t so easy. The 6.30 starts, traffic and dealing with the office politics, is stressful. As soon as the end of the day comes along you find yourself wishing for Friday.  The next few days all seem to blur into one but Friday does eventually appear, but what about the little pick me ups which just make going back to work after a bank holiday less shit?

Daily treats.

A good Moisturizer, an extra biscuit or even the daily obligatory coffee from your local coffee shop are all things which ease the tension of the working day. One of thing recently which as aided my quest for sanity in this busy four day week has been using Aveeno body Yoghurt(bare with me). Personally, I find sweet scents comforting, the smell of honey in the Aveeno Body Yoghurt really does allow not only my skin to be nourished but gives me a little comforting fragrance on the go.

Stick up for yourself.

Now, I don’t do this very often. I don’t have the confidence too, but every now and again I muster enough courage to voice my own opinion. My most recent out burst, was something that I have been too afraid to do for a while. After finding yet another detail unbarable I sent off a few emails and to my surprise. I was right.

Standing up for yourself isn’t a bad thing, it doesn’t make you less of a person. This little but scary thing really has given me a little confidence boost.

Make weekend plans.

Believe it or not the weekend will be here sooner than you think. Why not book a lunch with one of the girls, or block an hour to yourself shopping? Having something to look forward too will not only boost your excitement for the weekend but also allow yourself a little break in your hectic life.

Netflix Binges.

‘Are you still watching?’ Of course I am Netflix…

Finally finishing off a series you have been watching forever is a little bit of a confusing time. Amidst all of season finale drama there is a sense of ‘what do I do now?’. Ultimately you will just move on to yet another series to binge watch until your eyes bleed.

Binge watching a TV series is amazing, you’re basically allowing yourself time away from your own problems and delving head first into a fictional characters. And sometimes, it’s the knowledge of another season waiting for you at home that makes your day a little easier.


Is there anything better than curling up in a bed of freshly changed sheets and reading another chapter of an utterly amazing book? Probably not. Personally when I can’t comprehend yet another thing to add to my to do list, I tend to stop (if I can) and have an hour or two reading. That hour, gives my mind a little break and usually makes me a much better, less whirly version of myself.

And if all else fails.


When life keeps throwing a shit tone of stuff at you. Carbs is always the answer, preferably ones you don’t have to bung in the oven yourself.

Yes my friends, my last resort is always cheese drenched bread.

I hope this little (well may be not little) list will help you make the next few weeks a little easier for you. I once heard some one say ‘if you make yourself a priority then life will fall into place’. Whether you believe its true or not, these little tid bits can just ease the pressure of the week without any guilt. And don’t we all want that ?

If you have anything else to add to this not so little list, please leave a comment below.

Always love,

Em x

Finding My Style: Denim


Hello my lovelies,

In a previous blog I discussed my love of fashion and my excitement for finding my style again.Over the next few weeks these posts are going to be a little few and far between, with probably a selfie or two with them. I wanted to use a selfie because these outfit’s are things I wear daily, so I wanted to show myself actually wearing them.

One of the first things I knew I had to buy was a good pair of jeans. I personally love ASOS Jeans as they allow me to find jeans I love which fit my 5’4 curvy frame. I opted for two pairs of jeans one ‘ASOS Busted knee’ and the other  ASOS own Rivington’s. I already know I love Rivington jeans, there comfortable and have button and zip detailing. This little bit of detailing allows for separation and really lets you tuck jumpers and tops on without it looking like you’re wearing a onesie.


I have been eyeing up the ASOS Busted Knee for a little while, so when I took the plunge – I fell in love with them as soon as I figured out they fitted perfectly. These busted knee babies are perfect for summer and I can’t wait to wear them more!

Well done, ASOS!

Over the next few weeks, I am hoping that this series will continue so I can share my style development with you lovely bunch!


My Weekly Self-Care Routine…


Self-care, two words that two some mean a lush bath bomb and a glass of prosecco on a Friday. To others, its binge reading the entire Harry potter collection in a week. Self-love is a personal thing, no one person is exactly the same as another, with that, no one person’s interpretation of SC is the same.

Whilst our taste is different, we often reach for comfort when times get tough. When a confidence boost is needed we revert back to something calming; something we love that makes things just that little less stressful.

I, like so many others reach out for ‘little treats’, a luxe shower gel, a hair treatment. Something that when I look in my reflection or get a waft of sweetness off my skin, I can smile and know I’ve given myself a little boost. I can only advise on the things I have learnt and share my reasoning behind them. Please remember, just because these techniques work for me it doesn’t mean they work for everyone.


My first superficial point of this post is using Herbal Essences, Shampoo and conditioner. When I was a child I always associated HE with my mum. I have no idea why, or how this association with my mum. I just do. When I see the colourful packaging perched on the shelf at the side of the shower, I often get flashbacks of a bottle chilling next to my Ahoy may tee, bubble bath (blast from the past).

As silly as it sounds, brands sometimes are more than just a brand and HE is most definitely more than a brand to me.


One a Sunday night, I pop in the shower, wash my hair, exfoliate and shave my legs. My little routine really allows me to feel like I can take on the week. This little boost is missed when life runs away with me. I suppose, you could say, that this little routine of mine makes feel like I can take on the world- even though I only answer phone calls and send GIF’s to the girls.

Soul & Mind.


What, you thought I was going to say gin? Sorry babe, not this one.

In previous blogs I have openly spoken about my panic attacks, about not feeling good enough and well pretty much any other dirty bits of laundry floating around my tiny little brain. When my mind is going 4000 miles an hour and my to do list is off the charts, I meditate.

Initially a friend shared the head space app with me, and if I am 100% honest with you, I scoffed at the idea. How could an app that made me sit in silence with my eyes closed help me get through the way I was feeling? Well, I don’t know how, but it helped.

For those ten minutes a day I wasn’t the girl having a panic attack, it was just me having a moment and allowing my brain to calm. I understand the scepticism when it comes to meditation, but it worked for me.

Nowadays, I spend a few moments in the morning just sitting and listening to the tippy tapping of the dog’s foot prints on the hard wood flooring with a brew. Right now I may not be meditating how the headspace app taught me, but I am taking 10 minutes a day to find calm, which for me is what meditation was all about.


As much am ashamed to say it, I struggle to laugh. Life was so serious for me, until I learnt to let go of the rains and gave myself a break. Now, I tend to be the only one laughing at me dad jokes ( personally think I am the female equivalent to Lee Evans but ya know, others may disagree) and I am perfectly okay with that.

The point of this very confusing point is, laughing is good for the soul, it’s amazing for your mental health so if its funny laugh! You are most certainly allowed too.

This little blog, is something I have wanted to write for a little while. Over the past few months I have really started to reach for things that make me happy. Self-Care is personal, only you and you alone can work out what works for you. The above points are the things I reach for sometimes daily. Finding calm in the hustle and bustle of life is something we all need. Whether its reading or the latest Soap and Glory Face mask, no one has the right to tell you, you are doing it wrong. You are you, and only you will fully know what works for you.

If you would like to share the little bits of self-care you reach for when life gets a little rough I’d love you to leave a comment below.


Always Love,

Em x

Code of Conduct for online dating.

In the past I have described dating as a mind field. Something I still feel is true, yet, what baffles me more, is the online code of dating. Or lack of it. Dick pics, shady chat up lines and sugar daddies reliving their youth, all seem to unfortunately be the norm. If dating is a mind field, then online dating should come with a trigger warning.

Whilst it’s true that many just want to find the ultimate love of their life, I am almost certain than some just want to freak you out. I will never understand why a nude picture or innuendo always seem to beat ‘hello, I see you love dogs and gin’ as a conversation starter.


  1. Never answer a dick pic (see point 2).
  2. If you have a penis, never send a dick pic- in fact no, male or female genitalia should never turn into a conversation starter. Neither peen nor vagjajay are pretty, leave them in your pants and away from the camera. Sincerely, everyone.
  3. Don’t guilt trip us, dogs are not allowed in images– It’s true that I would be way more inclined to swipe for a dog picture, it’s slightly a cheap trick. Whilst dogs are cute, the owner may not be.  Using dogs is an easy way to get a match but remember a match can be deleted if you are a dick.
  4. Make sure you have at least one singular picture of yourself- nothing is more annoying than not being about to figure out who you are.
  5. Never use derogatory chat up lines– seriously the whole’ you’re pretty for a fat girl’ (which has been said to me on many occasion) should be buried and never resurrected. No one should ever try to make a derogatory chat up line a socailly acceptable, and if you do you are an utter wanker.
  6. If it’s not working just tell the other person– no need to keep anyone else guessing, being up front is the best for the both of you.
  7. If you are talking to other people, make sure you’re messaging the right person. SERIOUSLY, a double-check won’t take a lot of time but will save a lot of embarrassment and heartache.
  8. Set up your own account don’t get your laugh a minute mate to do it for you! – Stupid point, maybe, BUT your account should be set up by you, you’re the one who is looking for love not, you’re mates down the pub. Your dating profile should be a reflection on you- no one else.
  9. IMG_4432


  1. Be honest. We all know someone on tinder with a partner. Don’t be that person, it’s shady and cruel.
  2. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s likely that Bob from Sheffield isn’t going to be the one for you but if the flirty banter is flowing nicely, then enjoy it. Likewise if things aren’t going well, don’t take it to heart, someone will love you for you.

There you have it, my code of conduct for online dating. Dick Pics and all.

If you have any other do’s or do not’s please let me know in the comments below.

Always love,

Em x


Finding my passion, again.


As I sit and stare at my freshly purchased Vogue, I am fully aware I have lost my fashion mojo. You see I am a fashion girl at heart. Pattern cutting, materials, absolutely perfect detailing, it all speaks to me on another level. A level I have never found with anything else. Sure, I am nowhere near the stereotypical Vogue lover, but I genuinely can’t wait to read this month’s issue from cover to cover.

Fashion has and will almost probably be my first love. Over the past few years I have completely lost my fashion mojo. Whether it’s been lost through anxiety, or just because I had no direction in my life. Either way I lost something that I am so passionate about.

For the first time in a long time I’m so excited about fashion, about the cut of dresses or even, about the season’s most amazing yet impractical accessory(I’m looking at you basket bags). Yet, what I’m most excited for is having my love of fashion back, and my admiration of craftmanship behind it.

My fashion background

Whilst I am fully aware that I have mentioned my love of fashion in failed fashion post attempts, I wanted to share my fashion back ground. After leaving school I went to college for my first insight as to what the fashion industry was. Over the next two years I found my love for all things art (and fashion) and with that I went on to study fashion marketing for the next 3 years. I wasn’t the best student but I will always remember the teary moment when I found out that I earned my 2:1. Still to this day, it is one of my proudest achievements, and yet another thing I thought I couldn’t achieve, but did.

I worked at Graduate fashion week, had a brief stint at styling and even developed a keen eye for knit-wear. Over the years, fashion has always been controversial, many times it hasn’t been shown (or even earned) in slightly negative lights. To me fashion will always be the place I first found my voice, and I will love it forever.

Fashion future

I pride myself on my blog representing me and fashion(and everything that comes with it) is such a big part of who I am. As with art, fashion speaks to me like something I haven’t experienced elsewhere. To some a dress may be just a dress but to a keen eye its, layers of ruffles, expertly joined together with intricate stitching. Or months of research which goes behind every piece of a collection, or events to promote new designers giving them a chance for greatness. Fashion isn’t just a garment, it’s about the way that garment makes you feel and the opportunities it gives not only you but others along the way.

What calls to me?

In terms of garments, a crisp, classic with a modern twist is always going to be a winner. As much as I love a good trend I often wonder who’s going to wear those fluffy loafers when it’s pissing it down with rain.

Opting for things with a nod to a trend, rather than the full hog, is the safest bet. Something I really want to focus on is high street fashion. The Great British high street is, in my opinion, one of the best in the world. Theres so much choice, its most definitely not one look fits all. Of course if you have the means to buy a rail of Gucci, who am I to tell you differently?

The point of this post.

Think of this post as an introduction to a new area of my blog. I am so happy with the content I am producing right now but I want to introduce smaller posts, fashion NOT exclusive. Right now, I am so excited about finding my style again. Building up not only my wardrobe but some confidence too.

Now, where do I find the money for a Chloe, Faye?


Always Love,

Em x


Are we all just treading water?

1FB205E3-2DFC-4C63-88E0-68DF7A815A6EI have a confession to make, I suck at the blog, life, work balance. I take my hat off to any mega babe that can blog like a pro, work like a queen AND have a social life.  The work/life/blog balance I dream of having is just that, a dream. I can’t seem to stalk my way through instagram and not look at a blogger with pure admiration, holidays, drinks with the girls PROMOTIONS! Is there some sort of tool I’m missing? OR is it me? Am I too busy for a life out side of my job and blog?


We ALL say we don’t have enough time to do things, but what actually happens when we get to deadline day arrives and we don’t have a finished product? What happens when your body is telling you go have a break when your to do list says other wise? Most probably, nothing.

Why is it so hard to simply, drop everything, grab the wine and belt out the best of busted with your girls?

PST. Singing year 3000 at the top of your lungs slightly sloshed is very therapeutic.

Treading water.

Currently I’m treading water, I’m doing enough to get by, to look like I can survive the next few weeks at work and create content for my lil blog. And the least we say about my social life the better.

Even after publishing less content I have no idea why I still feel like I am drowning in work. Yes, the content I am currently creating is more thought-provoking, diary extracts rather than what’s in my bag but honestly, I still can’t find the time to take images, proof read my blogs or even double-check my work,  and well, work. If you looked up the definition of treading water you would see me, waving with one hand and frantically trying to stay afloat with the other.

And why am I doing thing?

Well, if I am going to be brutally honest, I don’t want my life to be like it is much longer. I don’t want to continue treading water, I want to thrive. Right now I am miserable, but the thing is I know this trading water thing is only for now, my life wont be like this forever, right ?32526864-5812-463C-A509-02FBE8C11748

A realisation

When you push the boundaries of a to do list, work yourself into the ground or just strive to be better, its difficult. Having to find a limit as to what you can do, is not only self-serving but needed. Life isn’t like a football game, a ref isn’t going to red card you and make you sit down and stress for another 90 minutes.

You have to find your voice and stand up to yourself. If things don’t have to be done today, if there’s no deadline, cut yourself some slack! Ticking all the things off your to do list is great but guess what, the more you tick off, the more you’ll just put back on it. And the joke of it all is that you don’t actually need to complete them all at once in the first place.

The saving graces.

Saving graces? To be truthful I am not really one hundred percent sure that a 25 year-old, millennial with a great love of a G&T should know that saying but lets run with it.

The feeling of ‘drowning’ or even ‘treading water’ can be so overwhelming. Often leaving you feeling that you can’t stay afloat(sorry the sailor puns will eventually subside), but there are things you can do to allow things to run far more smoothly. Most of which are simple task that wont take 5 minutes, but will create an added stress.

  • Organising your outfit the night before – A slightly silly concept, but organising the next days outfit can really help. Business meeting? An interview? Or just a lunch with the monster in law. These three things are all stressful, taking time to actually prepare an outfit to make you feel empowered will not only make things easier, but allow you to know you look like a boss too!
  • Writing a realistic to do list – A to do list, simple efficient and well it makes you feel like you’ve taken over the world when you have completed the lot! Just be realistic, unfortunately you’re not going to change the laws of physics in one night!
  • Limiting the amount of time you spend on things – A good vlog length is something I tend to have in mind, after a full day of work with a building blog to do list. Popping on a Lydia Millen vlog will not only allow you a few giggles but some time to concentrate on your tasks. You may only get one thing done, but its one thing less than you had yesterday.
  • Actually spending time on yourself- you can relax, ya know.
  • Having an end goal even though at times this is detrimental, having a reason to work yourself silly is something not to be sniffed at. Sometimes, we all lose motivation but that end goal will always be there.
  • Girls night – One night a month, where you can open a bottle of tequila and pour your woes out to the girl (or guys) of  your choice. I am a particular fan of this drunken therapy session. A few hours of giggles, sobs and kebabs – life’s for living, don’t waste it by working 24/7.


We are all aware that as a human race we are flawed. The feeling of not doing enough, is always matched with feeling like we are not good enough. No matter how many hours we work, how many times we get up after falling, or even the amount we help others. We (ourselves) will always kick ourselves when we are down. And I for one am tired of it.

Its time to be realistic, put the deflated emotions aside, and admit we are not perfect. We never will be, we simply do not have the time to pretend to be. Treading water isn’t fun, but at times it’s all we know. Focus on you- it’s not selfish. Theres only one you, YOU and you alone have the ability to be anyone you want to. This feeling we all know so well, will soon be gone, don’t waste your time fighting it.

And if you’re embracing your social life, THEN ENJOY IT.

Always love, with a hint of gin.

Em x