Confidence boosting tips- from someone with no confidence.

We all have days where we don’t feel ‘our best self’- in fact many of us don’t even know what that is. With summer nearly over and many of us feeling as grim as the weather. I thought, I’d share a few tips on how to give yourself a quick confidence boost- and yes, it is mainly a reminder to myself.

Good Breakfast and a coffee.

Seriously, how could you live without this tip, right? Well hear me out.

A ‘good’ breakfast isn’t the full fat English breakfast we all know and love. Its focusing on giving you the best start to your day. A bowl of porridge with wads of fruit or some spiced Avo on toast are perfect kick starts to a day.

Whether we want to admit it or not, fruit and veg are key to making our bodies feel better. When our bodies feel, we generally feel better. Team with a ‘not so healthy- but lovely’ frothy coffee and your set for whatever the world throws at you- until the caffeine wears off.


Seriously, theirs something to be said about wearing Ann Summers best under you day to day clothes. It’s kind of like keeping a naughty secret from the world. For a quick boost in confidence, get your swanky knickers on and tackle the day.

Motivational Quotes

WHO DOESN’T LOVE A MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE.  I swear every man woman and child have a folder saved to their phone ready to whip out a quote aimed at the people who piss them off that day, right?

All jokes aside motivational quotes really do motivate us, shock! Making anyone who reads them smile and reflect on a little segment of their lives. Smiling is good for the soul. A good motivational quote will, help push you when you need to force yourself into action. So I suggest if you don’t have a folder of motivational quotes. Get one.

In the spirit of motivational quotes, I thought I would share mine.

‘ Happiness, can be found in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’. Albus Dumbledore.

At times we all don’t feel like putting our socks on, never mind getting on with our lives. Introducing a little bit of confidence through a pair of knickers or a quote or two can only be a good thing. So go on, give yourself a bit of a boost.



16 thoughts on “Confidence boosting tips- from someone with no confidence.

  1. Babe absolutely cracking post. I love it. I really love how you quoted Dumbledore haha. I do the underwear thing, in fact i threw out all my other pants so I only have sets down and some lady day big pants… I can only wear sports bra that week anyway hahaha. Xxxxxxxxx


    1. Honestly, its a quote I keep finding myself going back to this year. And seriously, who doesn’t need more magic in the muggle world!

      That is such a great idea! I might just have to do that myself. Oh lovely I feel you on a whole new level, with that! xxxx

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  2. Loved this post, I always need a confidence booster and I always feel like its easier to tell others to be confident than it is yourself so I’m going to read this post to make myself feel confident! xxxxxxx


  3. This is a great post, Emma! I think that writing down a list like this is not only helpful for all of your readers but it’s a fantastic reminder for you as well! I couldn’t agree more on the healthy breakfast front, I feel so prepared to take on the day if I’ve eaten something decent – although a hot chocolate is hard to say no to hehe 😉 My favourite motivational quote is to be yourself because everyone else is taken, I believe Oscar Wilde said it! I think that’s so powerful because it’s really encourages you just to be true to yourself and do what makes you happy because you are unique!

    Abbey 💗

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    1. Aww thank you! Yes definitely, I have a little rule that I don’t put up content that I wouldn’t want to read. So its lovely to have such an amazing comment.
      That’s such an amazing quote! I may or may not have just jotted it down in my phone! Xxx


  4. Posts like this are just super great in general, it’s a great way for you to reflect but also to share with your readers! New underwear always makes me feel like an absolute boss

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


  5. Love this post! Wearing pretty underwear always helps to give me a boost. Breakfast is one thing I always tend to skip though, but when I do manage to have it, I do try to have a bowl of porridge.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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