Why I needed a Time Out From My Blog.

And when i say time out, i mean 9 mental break downs, 6 hormonal break outs and more blog changes than i care to admit.

Stepping away from blogging was by no means intentional but its safe to say i needed the break. Blogging isn’t my full time job, as much as i dream it to be, i just don’t have the platforms needed for that ever to happen. Both, working 40+ hours a week and blogging collectively makes me feel anxious and that can be detrimental to both my blog and my 9-5 job.

I love blogging and genuinely miss it when I’m not planning or writing, but sometimes i need a break to clear my head. For the most part i think i manage it quite well, candid life photos, realistic blog posts and uploads most Tuesdays, helps my blog to flow. However, when things go quiet, they may be quiet for a little longer than I’d hoped for- and that’s okay.

Over the past week or so I’ve really been thinking about who i want to be when it comes to blogging. Right now, i am some what all over the place when it comes to ‘niches’ and i know i could ‘up my game’ on a lot of things. Now, i cant promise ground breaking dissertations in the future but i can promise what ever direction my blog takes. What i can promise realistic, authentic posts that will share the good, the bad and the down right forgettable.

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Keeping things honest.

This blog post has basically turned into rules and regs for Em to remember when writing rather than the reasons I’ve been MIA recently, but I am digressing massively. I pride myself on being honest through out everything. Life, instagram, twitter, blogs you name it i will do my upmost to be honest with them. Honesty can be brutal but isn’t it better to be honest in the long run?

Right now, i am debating ditching the beauty section of my blog, because i am no beauty guru and my basic looks just don’t cut the mustard with the Emmas Rectangles of the world. Maybe its just a crisis of confidence, or maybe a moment of pure clarity, but it might be time for me to stop rambling about my fave beauty products and start talking about something a little more me.

Getting back on Schedule.

Like i said, earlier in this post i try my best to upload Tuesday mornings at 8am. Sometimes though, it just doesn’t happen. Over the next few weeks i hope to get back on track and uploading regularly. Right now i really am enjoying my life, and would love to take you guys along with me. Fingers crossed i can get back on track and possibly add another day to the schedule- although, that may be a little optimistic.

Actually take photo’s.

I love candid life shots and my instagram is full of them, with that being said, i think its time to share them with my blog. Me and my 6 chins, frizzy hair and freckle-y face may be coming to a blog post very soon- and when i say soon, i mean in this post *shrug*.

One of the things, I struggle so much with is taking photos. I’m quite picky with the images i share with you. I don’t like sharing images with friends and family because i am aware that they may not want the internet to see their flaws or maybe their work wouldn’t think favourably for being on a blog like mine.

This is something I’m going to try and combat a little more but please know that i have a lot of content coming your way, as soon as i get the images for them- so watch this space.

Give myself a day off.

A few weeks ago I didn’t know if i was going to be back blogging. Not because i stopped loving writing, it was because i just couldn’t work out how i could blog and work at the same time. Working and blogging can be draining, having the time away from my corner of the internet gave me the time i needed to collect my thoughts and think about my next steps.

I really wanted to add another profound section about continuing to be honest and show who i am online, but i think that i have covered that already. Over the next couple of weeks, i hope to write, create content and actually take photo’s- plenty of content is coming . As I’m writing this i aim to upload the majority of my posts at 8am on Tuesdays, if there is any changes i will try and keep you updated on my Instagram.

Thanks so much for staying around whilst i took my little break.

See you soon.

Em x

*discalimer* i have never worked with the gypsy shine and this post was in way a collaboration or a gifted experience. Please click the attached link for more information on the brand and what they have to offer.