5 Ways I’m Curating my Wardrobe.

I think there’s something about January, it seems to be the months everyone and their dog, over hauls there life. The month we promise to eat right, go to the gym and not let our wardrobes over take our bedrooms. Well, like the rest of the British population i have decided this year, i want to change myself, and one of the ways I’m doing this is cutting down on clothes.

Throughout the past month I’ve gone through my clothes more than once and really cut down on what i own. It astonished me to realised how many clothes i had been keeping but never wearing- they didn’t even have a sentimental reason to be kept- i was just keeping them to be dusty.

By just going through my clothing rails i found areas that my wardrobe was missing. For me it will always be trousers and skirts, they just don’t have the appeal a comfy top or a figure hugging dress has for me. 2020 is the year I’m really challenging myself. Just one way to do this is to curate a wardrobe that i wear, and not have 6 dusty tops sitting at the back of my rail. The clothes i buy are unique to me but if I’m not wearing them, what is the point in buying them in the first place? Through out this blog post i want to share the thing i am changing the most, to remind myself of them before i buy something i will ultimately regret.

1, Limit my monthly spend on ASOS.

One of the best things done is cut down on my ASOS spending. Everyone in my life will agree that i have a bit of an ASOS obsession and truthfully, I’m not mad about it. Every pay day i do an ASOS order, for a few bits i keep thinking about and pairing with various items in my wardrobe.

Unless i have an event, i only let myself spend £50-£75 a month on ASOS. As 90% of my wardrobe is bought from ASOS and the other 10% of it coming from the pyjama section of primark, i felt limiting the amount i am allowed to spend is the best way not to leave me financially screwed over.

2, Finding brands that work for me.

Too be totally honest, i struggle with my weight, from week to week my size fluctuates and with that it means that sometimes my clothes just don’t fit. About 6 months ago i promised myself that i would never let myself feel down about not being able to fit in certain clothes. If i had them sitting in my wardrobes for years, then it was probably time for them to find a new home, and if they were new, they can be returned.

From the moment i promised myself not to bully myself into believing i wasn’t good enough just because i had to go up a size- I fell in love with certain brands for curvier women like me. Using a companies such as ASOS or Very, is great because you can find brands that you wouldn’t get on the the traditional high street.

Likewise, i adore River Island Curve but they simply don’t show it in many stores. For me, personally, i love to try things on purely because i like clothes to fit a little looser. When brands don’t offer that in store, often,i have no choice but to order from them online. I definitely have my go to brands when it comes to clothing because they fit my style but more importantly they fit my tits, thighs and stomach without making me look like some form of deformed chicken.

3, Finding my style.

Clearing out my wardrobe really allowed me to figure out what i was wearing the most, and honestly, i was surprised to find out that my style really does revolve around my mood. Some day I’m a pink pleated skirt and lace top kinda girl, others i’m a leather look trousers and baggy top kind of chick. I always thought i was was a weird plus size mix of Sophie Milner and Samantha Maria, but clearly on some days i want to be a chunky Penelope pit stop.

And remember: Just because you have found your style, it doesn’t mean you’re limited to that. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, do it. It’s liberating.

4, Started my instagram.

I spoke about this in a recent instagram story, starting ramblealltheway, was a way i could create an online catalogue of all the things I’m wearing and the things I’m not. Even in the 5 weeks I’ve been posting online, i’ve found areas in my wardrobe i want to work on. Not because i want to buy new clothes but to cut down the amount i buy in the future. Having key pieces such as jeans or a classic trench, are just (and you) will continuously wear, making their cost per wear minimal. For me, trend pieces are more dangerous to you’re wardrobe than spending a little extra on classic items and as Carrie Bradshaw once said…

‘I like my money where i can see it, hanging in my closet’.

5, Thinking about my purchase before i buy them.

Unless, i fall head over heels for a clothing item, i wait for a few weeks to buy something that I’ve got my eye on. Not to torture myself(it does) but to make sure that I’d wear the damn thing, and it wouldn’t just collect dust. Creating my own instagram to share my outfits allows me and lets me think about how I’d wear the item I’m lusting after.

By nature I can shop until I’m broke, and its something that i am trying to work on, so this is a must for me. I genuinely feel that if I’m not conscious about my spending i would end up in a lot of debt- and that’s one of the last things i want. So thinking about my purchase’s more will hopefully make the last week of the month a lot less painful.

And there you have it, 5 ways i’m cutting down on buying clothes. These techniques may not be for everyone but for some one such as myself, who can lose themselves in the way they spend. Or even if you just want to cut down on your carbon foot print- thinking about the way you buy or even introduce clothes into your wardrobe is key.

What about you? Are you cutting down on the things you’re adding to you wardrobe? Or are you a shopaholic who intends on shopping until their bank card can’t take any more. Let me know in the comments below