Let’s Catch Up.

Hey beautiful!

Whilst everything is so up in the air and we all don’t seem to know, I thought I’d share a little life update with you all- there may not be a huge amount of change but trust me when I say I’m very slowly changing my current situation and Once we’ve all battled through the covid 19 pandemic- I know, I, and so many others deserve a big bottle of Prosecco and more Pizzas than you can shake a Mozzarella covered stick at.

It’s been a while since I’ve even thought to sit down and write a post. Truth be told, my life’s been a little bit chaotic. With the drama in my life and covid 19 pandemic, I’ve just not been feeling my self. Blogging is something I reach for, when I need to remember who I am. For the best part of 8 years blogging has given me so much happiness when I’ve been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks but for a while it made me feel so low, i just needed some time away.

Anyway, right now I’m on furlough and have a shit tone of time on my hands. Like any other mere mortal, I’ve spent time baking, shopping Amazon and making my way through anything Harry Potter based. Throw in the off bottle of wine and nightly concerts to my mirror it’s safe to say I may be going a little crazy- not bad for 2 days in.

A few people may know that I should have been moving in with my boyfriend in July, but with the way things are right now we’ve decided against moving forward with it. In the past weeks my job has become less and less stable and neither of us want to go into something we just can’t afford in the long run. So for the time being moving out has been put on hold. Moving just doesn’t seem worth it in the long run.

The same thing goes with shopping. Sure I can spend days (literally now) scrolling through amazon looking for new things to buy, but I have really been able to cut my shopping habit,yet, grow my wardrobe into something that represents me and no the person who just shopped because she wanted to be like everyone else.

So there you go, nothing particularly exciting but it’s so important to let others know what I’m this time of uncertainty that they are not on their own. Lock down is lonely at the best of times but feeling like you are the only one struggling to carry on isn’t.

As cast of High School Musical once said ‘We’re all in this together’.

Wash your hands and stay safe.

Em x

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  1. Love the pictures! I’ve been keeping as busy as I can, but there’s only so much we can do. Though I feel our top priority should be taking care of ourselves. Stay safe x

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