Finding Routine In Chaos.

Well, life at the minute seems to have stopped- and rightly so. The covid-19 pandemic is scary and i hope every day that the number of cases lowers and life will once again and back to some sort of ‘normality’. Although right now, its safe to say day to day life Chaos. No-one knows when this pandemic will end or how many will be effected by it, we all just have to have some hope, stay inside and wash our hands.

After recently being put onto furlough I’ve been thinking a lot about how i wanted too work on my platforms. I’m not the most impressive blogger out there and to some my numbers are laughable but I’m so proud of my instagram and the content i have on my little space of the internet. Its taken me a few days to really think about how i want this platform to progress, especially within these scary times.

For me, personally, i find comfort in normality. So i hope to keep my content as normal as possible – just a little more of it. This space will always have elements of lifestyle, fashion and the occasional mental health post, because they’re the topics that make me feel my best self. And in a world where a lot of people are worried about leaving their house, shouldn’t we grab hold of the things that make us feel a little more content?

Finding comfort in routine.

After speaking with some friends i realised how much the people around me were missing a routine. For me, routine is key for me to get anything done. I like to know what I’m doing and where i need to be so i can plan my day accordingly. So after a day or two sitting in my Pyjamas, recreating the opening scenes of Bridget Jones, i decided to take some advice and work to my own routine.

Routine: a sequence of actions regularly followed.

-Oxford Dictionary 2020.

My Routine.

I never want to preach about living a certain way but speaking to others in my life who were able to quickly established a new routine allowed me to really concentrate on the things i need/should be doing. Both my parents are key workers so my routine varies depending on their work. On days my parents are working i focus on cleaning the kitchen, living room and washing clothes. If they’re home i clean the bathroom and focus on doing something like the ironing. It sounds so silly but having these things really does help you feel like you’ve accomplished something and for me and my well being that is so important.

The new day to day.

08:00/09:00 – Now this isn’t my 4:30 wake up call I’m used too but it isn’t lying in until mid day either. Getting up around this time, allows me to have a little bit of a lie in, yet be up early enough to cease the day.

10:30- I’m not going to lie, i don’t really start attacking my to do list until this time. I like to sit, have my breakfast and enjoy the first coffee of the day. Once i am up and about, i usually start with the job i least want to d, just to get it out of the way. Normally for me its the kitchen- I just hate washing up.

12:30-After working my way through a few rooms i take half an hour for something to eat and a drink. Keeping this around the same time every day just gives me a break.

13:00- I finish off anything i have left to do and pop a load of washing in the dryer.

15:00 – Most days I’m free earlier than 15:00 but after this time, I definitely start to chill and watch TV, help cook dinner or even read.

Its nothing huge but having a structure to your day can really ease anxiety.

Take time for you.

No matter where you go, what TV channel you’re watching or even your brief (or not so brief) moments scrolling through social media, we are all shown the damage the covid-19 pandemic is having on the world. Taking time away from your phone, tv and even the people in your home is key to help deal with any nerves. Reading and baking seem to be a popular choice amongst people but sometimes just sitting alone for a few moments a day can really help clear your mind.

For me, taking time out allows me to control my panic attacks, making it so there minimal in a time when worry can take hold. Reading has become a daily coping mechanism, but for you it could be anything.

Right now, no-one really understands what’s going on and most people just want to help by offering advice where-ever possible but it really is important to remember that people deal with stress and panic differently. If you need to sit for a few days and let things sink in, then go for it. If you need a routine as i do, then write a to do list and work towards finding a temporary normal. No one should judge others for working through this pandemic in their own way, just as long as it is safe.

Finding routine in chaos is difficult but for people like myself, its integral for coping. Please let me know in the comments how you’re feeling about the covid-19 pandemic. Have you found a routine or are you winging it?