Monthly Favourites | April

Right now, we’re a little over 3 weeks into lock down and everyone seems to be going a little crazy. Almost every house up and down the country have been cleaned within an inch of its life, gardens de-weeded and people who have never exercised in their lives have found a love for Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 day Challenge . Whilst others have watched every documentaries on Netflix, bossed Animal crossing or devoting their waking hours to some other game and have devoted every waking moment to some sort of game- you, do you.

However to me, it’s been utterly astonishing what we can all do if we had just more hours in the day. And, because we are all a little on edge, I thought I’d dedicate this ‘monthly favourites’ to the things I’m reaching for when I feel a little uneasy.


The Harry Potter Series.

As most Millennial’s will agree, the Harry Potter books really are brilliant. The characters, creatures, and of course, the magic, have done wonders for any anxiety I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks. If I’m honest, I was never able to concentrate enough to read all the Harry Potter books in their entirety completely. Although, reading them now as an adult has really allowed me to fall in love with the franchise all over again, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Currently I’m about 3 quarters of the way through The Prisoner Of Askaban -the third book in the series- and so far it has been my favourite. So many twists and turns, and of course, Aunt Marge blowing up like a balloon has made lockdown a little less stressful and a little more Magical.

Emma’s Rectangle.


I’ve been a fan of Emma’s Rectangle for years but this year she really seems to have grown into her own . Emma’s fitness journey, home renovations and even isolation vlogs have been so relatable and in a midst of Pretty Little Thing lounge wear hauls; it’s unbelievable refreshing. Throughout the week, Emma’s videos continue to inspire me to pursue my own channels. But also, give’s my frazzled brain a break.

Hello October.

Hello October has been featured on here a few times, but I i really relate to Suzie Bonaldi’s content. Her moves, fashion and healthy eating, all inspire me to focus on the positives that I have in my own life. Over the past few years Suzie has shared her ups and downs at her own pace, and right now we all need to take things at our own pace and drop the competitive nature on social media.

Anyway, one of the main reasons I really identify with Suzie Bonaldi is her unbelievably likeable personality. Her warm and welcoming smile and relaxed vibes just makes her easy to watch. Whether it’s a ‘What I wore in a week’ or a vlog, it’s just a perfect way to relax with a cup of tea (or maybe even a few glasses of Rose).


Red Handed.

Now if you ever see me waiting in a supermarket queue, I am most probably listening to Red Handed. Suruthi and Hannah cover different murder cases each week with a whit that only two British pessimists can have. Both, Suruthi and Hannah are hilarious in their own right, but together their banter has created something that is so effortlessly unique in the podcast scene. Yes, there are so many true crime podcast’s out there but none of them are quite as brilliant and interesting, thoughtful and hilarious as this one.

Sleep With Me.

Like many, I’ve been struggling to sleep. It wasn’t until I found Sleep with Me that i was able to actually switch off my mind and relax.Sleep with Me is a form of adult bed time stories, in which all the narrators have the most soothing voice that aid relaxation. What I will say is that the stories themselves did not ease me to sleep. But they did relax me more than any bubble bath I’ve ever tried.

Although, it might be worth noting that the beginning of every episode is quite wordy, and if you just want to get into the stories themselves, then I would skip 30 minutes into the episode, but honestly, that is the only down side to the podcast.

I think we can all agree that right now, everyone is unbelievably cautious about how they spend their time. Staying safe and away from all public areas is so important, not only to you and your family; but everyone.

Life at the moment is so uncertain, I hope sharing these five favourites will use help ease some tension.

Stay safe and stay inside.