An Easy Guide for a Relaxed Night in for 1.

Both my mum and I have been really struggling to relax with during the Coronavirus Pandemic. With the current situation playing in all our minds, I wanted to share my guide to a chilled night in. A small routine is something I reach for when I just need some time to calm my mind.

Taking time away from social media, people and the news is such an easy way to give your mind a break when the world is in chaos. Spending some time giving your body a bit of TLC isn’t selfish, its a way you can prepare to take on the next day. So, I thought I would share these uncomplicated ways I’m clearing my mind.

Steamy Shower

Showers are just the most refreshing things you can do. Washing your hair with your favourite shampoo is a way of grounding yourself away from people and events; finding solace in a shower is something you can do any day- literally, an easy way to wash the day away.


Shaving your pits, legs and even your nunny, is a ball ache but you do feel a little fresher for it. Maybe it’s because of the core work out you have to do to get the ‘perfect shave’, or maybe it’s just spending an extra half an hour away from Instagram, either way the mental benefit of shaving is there -either way, there are mental benefit to shaving.

Moisturise from Top to Bottom

After the mammoth shave, it is time for the most relaxing part of the night. Grabbing your favourite body Moisturiser (currently I am using Dove’s Shea Butter Body cream) and moisturising your body. Not only does this leave your skin feeling nourished and glowing, but it seems to be the most therapeutic experience-relieving some tension from the day.

Fresh PJ’s and Bedding

Honestly, is there a better feeling than freshly moisturised shaved legs in crisp bedding? I think not. In all seriousness, having a fresh set of bedding and Pyjamas does aid a better night sleep, and with almost everyone having anxious dreams, it seems everyone could do with a good night sleep and this is such an easy fix .

A fresh face

Cleanse, toning and moisturising your face is something we all should do; but we don’t. When life is getting hectic, Skincare is the first thing to be skipped, however taking the time to have the glowing skin, we all dream off.

Nothing I’ve said in this guide is ground-breaking; it won’t change your life, although the realisation of putting yourself first will. Life is always going to have its ups and downs; now more than ever- but treating yourself after a wave of anxiety will benefit you. Likewise, losing motivation, constantly telling yourself ‘what you should be doing’ isn’t going to fix feeling flat; if anything, it will only make it worse.

Taking time away from your life is one simple way of giving yourself a break. And we all need that right now.

Stay safe x