An Interview with… Roxie Rose

After spending a few hours scrolling through my favourite Instagram feeds I decided to dust off one of my favourite blog posts. ‘An Interview with’ is a series in-which I share my favourite bloggers. With so many new profiles to find (and so much more time to scroll) I am so happy for the return this series, especially when it comes to the wonderful woman I’m interviewing today.

Roxie Rose is a Doncaster based lifestyle and Disney Instagram Blogger, but some of you may know her as @Roxie_Enchanted_Rose. A feed full of Happiness, colour and Disney Magic; it’s so easy to fall in love with a Roxies whimsical world. Along with her Dachshund, Marley, Roxie welcomes new and existing followers with unique images and in addition to her charismatic personality all wrapped up with bright orange hair.

My Instagram blogging started back in 2017. My now husband and I had not long been back from a trip to Disney world where he had proposed. Coming home I knew I was going to be planning the wedding pretty much right away. I wanted a platform I could share my wedding ideas (it was going to be Disney themed) and somewhere I could also share my Disney holiday snaps from previous and upcoming trips.”

Sharing her interest with so many people online can be daunting. In the past we’ve seen so many people struggle with the negativity that comes along. “I had no hesitations in doing it, I just went for it. It was a great way to meet people that have the same interests as yourself and not only do you share with them, they also share with you.”

With Roxie’s feed being such a welcoming place it’s no surprise that when this interview was taking place Roxie had over 7000 followers, with a constant stream of likes and comments between Roxie and her followers. “[No, never] I honestly thought it would be somewhere I can pop my photos and clear some storage space from my phone. It blows me away the amount of people that I have met through Instagram, some in real life too. It’s given me so many great opportunities. I’m thankful to everyone that follows along, and I feel so comforted to know that there’s so many people with similar interests to me out there.”

From the initial idea, to the share her favourite images, to now, there is so much thought behind every picture. Since Lockdown began I and so many Instagram lovers have found it is so difficult to create content, so I asked Roxie about her own content during this time. ‘Not too much really. I’ve still continued to take outfit posts and share my lifestyle with that hint of Disney every now and again. If anything, it’s made me be a bit more creative and forced me to think outside the box. I’ve enjoyed finding new parts of my house to snap pics in. It’s made me appreciate what I have a whole lot more.”

Thinking outside of everyday life (what is everyday life anymore), Roxie has opened the door to so many new people with #brewwithyou. Creating this Hashtag to join people together in a time where so many can feel lonely is not only unbelievably kind but effective. Both Key and Furloughed workers can share a coffee, comfortably, each morning just by sharing a hashtag. Such a simple idea that shares nothing but joy (and I’m not ashamed to admit that it could be my favourite thing on Instagram). “Thank you! I’ve been absolutely blown away by the amount of people that join in. It’s so lovely to see and I’ve had some of the kindest messages from people. Before lockdown I would always film the making of my coffee (I’m boring like that), and one morning I thought, “I bet there’s tons of people doing this at the same time”. So it kinda came from that point. I wanted people to see that even though we’re all stuck indoors and we may not be feeling great, we’re not alone. We’re all doing the same things each day.”

Sharing a cup of coffee in the morning may have once been a ‘boring’ thought. However, now this is something I (and so many others) look forward too. Living through Covid is scary, and a lot of the time we don’t see the best in people, but this hashtag is a perfect way to join the online community together. So far #brewwithyou has seen no negativity, plainly due to how wholesome the idea is. She continues“No [negative effects] none at all. I’m lucky because I’ve never had anything negative said to me ever. People that follow me are all so kind.” Combining this hashtag with Roxie’s bright personality creates such a positive experience, is just a fewreasons why so many people have openly welcomed the hashtag into their morning routines.

Recently Roxie has expanded #brewwithyou a little further, introducing daily themes such as characters, animals and colours. Curating such a wonderful feed can come with pressure but Roxie seems to take everything in her stride.  “I don’t feel any pressure as it’s something I would be doing anyway. I’m enjoying it even more now because I don’t feel so alone doing it. I was starting to really miss popping to coffee shops with friends but this has been such an amazing replacement for that.”

Throughout lockdown, Roxie has shared her eclectic mix of mugs. From Disney to mugs of all moods, Roxie’s cupboards seem to be filled with mugs of all different sizes and genres. With so many to share, I wondered where she bought them all from?

“Well I may be biased but Typo [Roxie works there for her 9-5] is definitely one of my faves! They’re so well priced and they have some awesome designs. Also, I don’t think you can go wrong with a good Disney mug. I think it’s important to have your first drink of the day out of something that’s going to make you smile.”

Since March, the UK has been on lockdown and whilst she has helped so many people feel less alone, lockdown has stopped some of her own plans for 2020. “I had a lot of festivals and concerts planned this year, also weddings and hen do’s, all of which have now been put back to next year. Other than those I have no plans. So I’m kinda just looking forward to being able to just go out normally again. I think that’s going to be a big step for some as it’s kinda getting to the point where lockdown is starting to feel normal. I’m actually looking forward to being able to work again. Being in retail I’m heavily social in my job and I really miss that.”

Being heavily social in her life before lockdown, Roxie has continued to openly speak on instagram stories. Sharing her new day to day life, with homemade pizza, pretzels and even a bit of gardening. Continuing to share her life online, often leads her to talk about the tough times in lockdown: sharing her feelings and motivation throughout makes people like myself, feel a little less lonely in Lockdown.

Everyone is doing Lockdown their own way; working on new projects, having a sparkling clean house or watching every True Crime Documentaries on Netflix, no two households are tackling lockdown the same. So I had to ask Roxie whether she was relaxing or proactive? ‘I would say I’m a bit of both! At the start of lockdown I’d have said heavily motivated (insert laughing emoji), but now I’m 6 weeks in to being off work, I’m slowing down a little. I’ve lots of things to keep me occupied and I’ve been doing all the jobs around the house that I put off before lockdown. Luckily we had the release of Disney+ in the UK during lockdown so that’s taken some hours from me for sure!”

Instagram has been home to so much change during lockdown, with everyone being exposed to so many new influencers, it seems so easy to be overlooked. Since this interview took place Roxie has continued to grow her platform in her own unique way.

‘Just be 100% you. Don’t compare yourself to others and think you should be doing it a certain way. Let people get to know you, it’s a great time to put yourself out there and connect with people with similar interests. Share what you love and go for it! Use your home surroundings and don’t be too hard on yourself. ❤️’

@Roxie_enchated_rose has been a breath of fresh air in Lockdown. At the beginning of her Instagram career Roxie never thought about making herself known, 3 years later Instagram wouldn’t be the same without her colourful personality. Being 100% true to herself, Roxie has never wavered, her content has continued to be creative, relatable, and thoroughly entertaining. I can’t wait to see what the future hold for Roxie.

Disclaimer: Prior to this interview Roxie allowed me to use any photos on her Instagram feed. I do not own any rights to these pictures, all are owned by Roxie.