5 Ways I’m Changing my Style.

2020 has been a wild ride. A pandemic, questionable politicians, and the world on lockdown, it’s easy to feel like you’ve fallen into a parallel universe. In times where I feel like the world is going backwards, I often evaluate my own life. From my weight to saving for my first house, I tend to overthink so much and even at times start to change things up- of course I start with my wardrobe.

My relationship with clothes has always been a little hit and miss. After studying Fashion Marketing for 3 years, I fell out of love with styling items. Recently I’ve been thinking about how the way I dressed has aided anxiety; even making my darkest times worse. Settling for items that ‘will do’ just because I’m a bigger girl was just accepted. Opting for things that covered my lumps and bumps rather than things I absolutely adored made me feel like I was a quilt stuffed into a bin bag.

It wasn’t until Lockdown happened I realised I didn’t have to settle anymore. Spending so much time indoors organising through my things made me realise that I’m so much more than a top with a questionable print. If I wanted to wear the clothes I love, then why wasn’t I? Why was my own insecurities ruling my wardrobe?

After a late-night scroll on ASOS, I decided to work on a few boards, focusing on the items that I wish I were confident enough to wear. Once I had the money and felt comfortable enough in my own skin to wear them, I bought them, slowly beginning to transform to the woman I’ve always wanted to look like. What I found by creating these boards is the stuff I’ve always had my eye on always worked together; with this in mind I created some rules to minimise my ‘I’ve drank a bottle of wine and think I’m Patsy from Ab Fab’ spending.

Classic pieces over trends

Classic pieces mean different things to different people, to me, classics are denim, shirts and a neutral colour palette (think Audrey Hepburn rather than Kim K). Working classic items into any wardrobe will not only help the longevity of your wardrobe but be extremely cost effective. As a rule, classic items won’t age and continue to look fresh and ‘on trend’ through out.

Trend items, are things that come into fashion for one or two seasons. Most trends do later come back around ten years later but usually with a twist. Unlike classic pieces, trends can be costly and date incredibly quickly.

Neutral colours

Neutral colours are essentially earth tones. Black, white, Grey, brown and beige are most definitely the most popular when it comes to neutrals, but peach and soft pinks would also be on the same spectrum. Neutrals work with most colours and trends. Focusing their sophisticated tones with items we all have sitting in our wardrobe, like denim, makes for such an easy timeless, ready for anything outfit.

Working neutrals into a capsule wardrobe is pretty easy. Switching a few hole-y vests(we’ve all got them) with a nude body or an oversize plain white tee is a great way to introduce neutrals. Neutrals do tend to go in and out of fashion but, they never go out of style. Take the little black dress for example, timeless no matter the era or trend.

Capsule wardrobe

Traditionally a capsule wardrobe is 30 items of clothing, which work together to create numerous outfits. Usually all items are linked through colours but have a variety of different textures to modernise the overall look. Traditional capsule wardrobes don’t include lounge wear or going out ‘out’ clothes. Dresses, skirts and joggers are all safe, but the core of your wardrobe should (in theory) work together.

Transitional pieces

Jewellery and bags always amplify any outfit.

Transitional wardrobes are tricky to convert a lover of seasons but if you’re not sure what the term means, it’s essentially, items in your wardrobe which you can wear from Spring/ Summer/ Autumn, and you guessed it, Winter. Transitional wardrobes as a rule are what almost every person owns, so the emphasis on transitional prices whilst a switching up my own wardrobe has been minimal.

Essentially, if you can style something more than three ways, buy it.

Sustainability Vs YOUR STYLE.

Sustainability is something I whole heartedly believe in. Over the past few years sustainable items have been slowly introduced into the high street. Linens and cottons from reputable companies, Lowering the amount of water, waste and chemicals used within the ‘making’ of the fabric are just some ways these brands have been adapting their products. Although, these changes do come with a hefty price.

For me, items are more sustainable if they are worn (regardless of the price point). A top which cost a few pounds from Primark worn almost every day is sustainable compared to the conscious collection from H&M worn once to a party, regardless of the manufacturing process. Essentially, it’s clothes that you feel yourself will always hold more value to you. To para-phase Lizzo, you will where and love clothes that make you feel ‘as good as hell’ and aren’t clothes that are worn to within an inch of their life, much more sustainable than those that are made and just end up in a landfill without being worn?

Changing my outlook on my clothing is hopefully just the starting point to change my mindset on so much more. For years I’ve been so scared to be the person I’ve always believed I could be. It’s about time I started to believed in who I am and ignore the insecurities that have held me back for far too long.

Sharing the 5 ways I’m changing my style is a way I see the changes I’ve put into place(it’s also something I can look back on if I let myself feel like utter shite again). So, here’s to my next ASOS order, may it be filled with neutrals and Denim.