It’s all In the detail.

In the past I’ve been told I’m boring, in both personality and clothing but I prefer to keep the details of my life and style a little more minimal. Adding details through bags and accessories is something that brings me so much joy. Accessories add a little more detail, personality or even a glimmer as long as you keep as your willing to look for it.

After a mammoth clear out I realised that I was missing something everyone should have in there wardrobe- a huge bag! Over the past few years small bags have been splattered all over the high street it’s safe to say I own more than a few. Incorporating something that will hold more than my purse and my phone might sound silly, but let me tell you it’s been worth it’s weight in gold with the weekly food shops.

This camel knot toes hobo bag from Mango(via ASOS) has filled a whole in my wardrobe that I had no idea existed. The bag is easily styled with a basic bag and the knotted handle just gives it a little edge, making it the perfect everyday bag to lose receipts in.