Real Tips Changing Your Style.

Summer dressing for me is a bit off, I can’t justify spending a lot of money on outfits that will only be worn once. Since lockdown began I’ve been having a little bit of an existential crisis when it comes to all areas of my life, but the changes began with my clothing.

I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my wardrobe. As a 5’4 chunky girl I’ve always struggle to find things that fit, but when I did I just had to buy what fitted me, not what I loved. Until recently the British High Street has always been a little lack lustre when it comes to plus size clothing. Of course, there’s still a long way to go but, with every new season there seems to be more choice. Completely switching up my style in Lockdown hasn’t been easy, but I’ve loved finding ways to create my own style as a plus size blogger.

Basics, Basics, Basics

Basic items are the bare bones of your wardrobe, T-shirts, jeans- essentially anything that we reach for without thinking. These items are so easy to transition into any season, so having a good solid catalogue of items within your ‘basic’ wardrobe, allow other items in your wardrobe to stand out and show your own personality.

Don’t be brash, put it in Storage

Clutter is something we all have. Whether your Monica Geller or the true definition of a hoarder,it doesn’t matter; we are all guilty of keeping one too many things. One thing I swear by is clearing out ever 6 months. Clearing out old clothes is one of the best ways to incorporate a capsule wardrobe and introduce new items.

In the Past I’ve been burned by being a little to harsh with organising my wardrobe. Most recently I think I have thrown away one of my most loved pair of sunglasses because I was enjoying the Kim and Aggie style buzz. What I’ve reached for recently is B&M’s scented vacuum packed bags. Being able to store clothes in such an organised way means I can grab something if I’m missing it.

Once stored in, I go through them when the weather changes to make sure I’m not going to miss them in the future, then the unworn clothes go to charity.

Think about your spending

Financially Transitioning your wardrobe from season to season is pretty shit. Clothing can cost a lot and in these uncertain times do you really want to be spendy with your clothing? Obviously, fashion is so much more than clothing, it’s 2 confidence boost, when you need it most, but confidence doesn’t have to come at the expense of your finances.

In the past I wanted to be someone I’m not. I wanted to be the skinny fashion girl we saw in Gossip Gkrl when in reality I was ugly Betty (minus the braces) and that was totally okay. As the years have gone on I’ve realised that my style doesn’t have to come at a hefty price tag. And as a girl who loves some rules, I thought I’d share with you my rules for spending.

• Will you wear it more than once?

• How will it age?

• Do you actually like it? Or are you buying it because you want to be ‘fashionable’ ?

• Will it get you into debt? If so, it’s not worth it.

Focusing on the basics in your wardrobe isn’t basic, its essential for allowing you to build a unique style, without braking the bank or losing who you are. Investing in key pieces such as denim, is essential to allowing yourself to creating your own unique style.

And being uniquely you is fucking amazing.