Easy Autumn Guide To Plus Size Styling.

Right now, Instagram is filled with chunky knits, Parker’s and a classic Chelsea boot. With the impending tier system, and everyone spending a lot more time on social media, I thought I’d share my own spin on the classic staples of a Autumnal wardrobe.

Everyone style is true to them, but classic pieces suit most personalities. What complicates a plus size guide is the limited choice in classic styles within the plus size clothing. Most clothing items are created from fast fashion suppliers and retails and which often leads to poor quality and ill fitting items. If you do fall into the plus size clothing bubble, shopping can be frustrating and tiresome.

But there is a way to amplify your choices.

Searching sites like ASOS and creating a board(which can be found on your wish list) and listing items you like allows you to work out which really suits your own vibe. Limiting the amount of Autumnal style envy every time you scroll through Instagram. This simple step, allows you to find your own vibe and limit comparison.

Finding your own classics

Cosy knits.

Knit wear in winter is somewhat stating the obvious, but it’s a staple if you want to keep warm in Britain’s cold winter it’s necessary. Roll necks, loose cable knitted and slouchy cardi’s can be found in almost every home, but when it comes to creating your own ‘vibe’ finding knitwear that suits you can be daunting.

There’s so much choice when it comes to cosy knits, however, many can be ill fitting or barely fit for purpose(one wash and it falls apart).

Remarkably stores like River Island have always had thick snuggly knitwear, even though in the grand scheme of things, the brand is new to the Plus Size Market. Or if your struggling to find something with a smaller budget, ASOS curve has proven to be a great affordable brand in a market which seems to be ignored.

Leather Look Trousers

I know on paper leather look trousers can be daunting. Surely as a plus size woman you shouldn’t wear something that will emphasise your wobbly bits? I hate to admit that I used to feel that way. Until I bought a pair of £20 Matalan trousers and my mind was blown. Leather look trousers/leggings amplify basic outfits. Hoodies, causal tee’s and even the ultimate cosy knit all have an edge when worn with faux leather trousers.

For many buying there first pairs of leather looks can be a bit in-nerving, but once you fall in love with a modern take on a classic trouser, you will never look back(no matter the size).

Chunky boots.

One of the easiest ways to create your own sense of style to timeless outfits is adding a modern boot. Each year stores are lined with both, Military style and Chelsea boots, just with a seasonal twist. Treating your wardrobe to something as simple as the new ‘it’ boot just amplifies a look; creating a modern twist on a Autumnal staple.

This year chunky Chelsea boots seem to be the current on trend boot. With the high street film of ‘wide fit’ chunky boots are lining the stores, but working out if they can add anything to your style is tricky.

First and foremost you have to realise if you like what your looking at or if you’ve just seen approximately 57 Instagram images of them? If you don’t like them pay them no attention, and if you do then give yourself a cute affordable treat.

Cosy vibes in London. Image owned by EmRambles.com

Recently there’s been a huge shift when it comes to plus-size fashion. In the past there’s been no personality or choice; we had the big standard jeans, t-shirt and maybe 1 summer dress we all fight over. With more choice comes more self awareness, confidence boosts and shifts away from the tradition imaged conjured up as a stereotypical plus size woman. I’m all for this change. With 1/5 of us hating how we look (statistics from mentalhealth.org.uk) adding more stylish pieces for us of a certain size is more than welcome. It’s time to leave ill fitting clothes in the past and experiment creating our own classic style.

Disclaimer: I only one two images shown throughout this Blog Post. I have never worked with any of the brands discussed through out this post. If there is any legal issue within the content of this post please let me know any I will change the content accordingly.