The Diary Edit | November

I’ve be racking my brains throughout both lockdowns;I wanted to share the things I’ve been living recently without being repetitive or bragging. Right now there’s so many influencers showing new puppies, new houses or new relationship status; and I don’t know about you, but I really can’t afford any of the above.

Right now, life is tough, and finances are stretched to the max for most low income house holds. In my offline life I earn minimum wage, have a financed car and I’m desperately attempting to save for my first home. After so many huge life changes being shown at every swipe of a finger, I decided to share my own little wins. A cute independent coffee shop, finding epic veggie pigs in blankets, and a cute date night. Are all things that, in my opinion, should be celebrated, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do in my monthly edit.

Bawtry Town House, Doncaster

Cute Decor
The perfect Eggs Royale

If your local to Doncaster you will have heard of Bawtry. The little village if filled with independent stores of local vendors and some gorgeous restaurant’s and Cafe’s. None are as unique as Bawtry Town House. With colourful decor, lovely staff and an amazing inclusive menu, it’s safe to say I enjoy every moment eating here.

One of my greatest loves in life is having Eggs Royale (just a fancy way of eating salmon and poached eggs) for breakfast. And I can quite easily say the Eggs Royale I had at this gorge restaurant was amazing. Sitting amongst the stunning setting with a hazelnut latte and my favourite breakfast was a perfect way to start my day.

10/10 will be back as soon as Boris takes us out of tier 3.

Book of the month

Like the rest of the country I’ve fallen in love with reading, from Harry Potter to The Silent Patient I’ve been turning the pages to curve the boredom of the first lockdown. Now, reading is something I’m reaching for when I just can’t get to sleep.

Quite easily the best book I’ve read is The Silent Patient. A phycological thriller which sees a woman silently living her life in a psychiatric facility after the death of her husband. The story is intense, chaotic and bold- I couldn’t put the book down. I can’t recommend this book enough!

Beauty Lounge, Doncaster.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned over Lockdown is the effect having some time out has on me. And by time out I mean, putting my phone away and having my nails perfectly painted by Beauty Lounge.

I’ve been visiting this salon for years and after every appointment I leave feeling more refreshed than I did when I entered. As superficial as it sounds I’ve missed looking down at my nails and feeling out together.

Starry night vibes.

And that’s it. 3 of my favourites for November. Hopefully with lockdown restriction easing ever so slightly, I’ll be able to share a little more next month, but these 3 faves have been keeping me going over the past few months!

Let me know what you’ve been reaching for in lockdown in the comments!

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