Plus Size Picks | S S 21 Basics

I can’t be the only person to have post lockdown anxiety. The thought of so many people being around me sends shivers down my spine. I just don’t feel ready to wear bras 7 days a week again.

As silly as it sounds, one thing I’m worried about is what to wear with the lockdown restrictions lifting. Fashion should be fun, but when life changes, it’s often the thing many of us take confidence in (me included).

I know from personal experience, having an outfit in which I feel confident in, aids anxiety in social settings. So, I thought I’d share a few outfit edits in hope it helps someone’s anxiety with lockdown restrictions easing.

  1. Kate Spade Horoscope Necklace.
  2. Cream Linen Wrap Dress
  3. Ruched flat sandals in Black
  4. River Island woven faux leather scrunch bag in Black
  1. Pandora logo ring.
  2. Hope and Ivy Broderie frill sleeve top with bow tie back in ivory
  3. Simmi London wide fit Parrish ruched flat sandals in Camel
  4. Hope & Ivy oversized collar blouse with Broderie in Ivory
  1. River Island monogram arm tortoishelle sunglasses in brown
  2. River Island Plus frill short sleeve layered poplin top in black
  3. Top shop mini tote bag in pale blue
  4. ASOS design swing mini dress

Taking your time to integrate yourself into social settings is perfectly okay. The past 18 months has been stressful and traumatic. Taking one step at a time is something no one should make you feel ashamed for, but when you are ready, wear what makes you feel confident and uniquely you.

You are wonderful.